About Me

Dr. 'Quatrelle'

My name is Jan Mlinar. I come from  Žiri (Slovenia). My great passion are Quatrelles: the Renault 4, also known as the 4L – Quatrelle. I like them since I was 2, when my father bought his first Renault 4.

Me and my first Quatrelle - hear more:

I got my first Quatrelle when I was only 7. Today, me and my brother, we have a collection of 53 Quatrelles. And the collection still grows! Some  fans call me Dr. 'Quatrelle': that would be for my good knowledge – expertise on Quatrelles. And almost all the time I hold some spare parts.

My special collection

The speciality of the collection are some really good  vehicles:

Alpine7: Remade, the only one in Slovenia with the approval for modifications. It possesses 110 HP.

4 x 4: There are only two examples in Slovenia and one of them is mine.

The Yellow Quatrelle: This one was already painted in yellow in the process of composing (putting together) in the IMV company in Slovenia. One of the workers mixed the codes of the colours, so they painted the car into yellow instead of making it red! This Quatrelle is still completely original, with the first two pairs of tyres on her foot!

Fourgonette: This one is the one with the caisson, like Renault express. 

The Oldest Quatrelle in Slovenia: It was made in 1963. It is the Alfa Romeo model, because it was made in that company. It still has italian inscriptions on the armature. It's original colour is sky blue.

The One Made in Litostroj Company:  That is one of the first generations made in Slovenia. The spare parts were french, but the cars were composed in Ljubljana. Among them, I possess the first GTL, with a modern engine and the equipment of the TL model. Among TL's there are some ordinary and french examples.

Quatrelle That Made Most Kilometres: I possess it for quite a long time – it made fantastic 950 000 kilometres.

Every Quatrelle is really a story for itself: if not otherwise it is painted in a special (rare) colour.

The inquiry in foreign countries in great demand, slight in Slovenia

The inquiry in foreign countries (especially in Belgium, France, Italy) is really in great demand. The prices vary from 1.200 € to 13.000 € for Quatrelles, renewed perfectly – as the yellow one in my collection which seems to be almost new! 

I don't like new cars

I drive my Quatrelles (I am a proud owner of 4 at the moment) every day. I don't like modern cars, because they are not as simple or endurable (as the Quatrelles are). Driving them makes you not hear the engine, you don't know what happens with it during the ride, which seems to be too peaceful. I loose the feeling how to drive. That kind of driving doesn't fascinate me. If someone gave me a new car, I would probably sell it and buy more Quatrelles. Hear more:

Quatrelle on a highway?

As I have allready told you I have 4 Quatrelles in my possession. I drive them every day. I specially enjoy driving with some of them on a highway and pass other, modern and so called 'faster' cars. Hear more:

'Weaknesses' of Quatrelles

I could hardly find one... Hear more: