The History Of Quatrelles

31 years and more then 8 millions Quatrelles

More than 50 years ago, on october 1961, under the lights of the car fair of Paris, Renault introduced their new model – Renault 4. Selling R4 started in 1961 at a time when the French automaker Renault restored their commercial network outside France. R4 was the first car, being sold outside french borders and the success was immediate. In Slovenia (ex Yugoslavia) Renault made a contract with the company named Litostroj and in 1972 started the production in IMV in Novo mesto.

Slovenia: 19 years and over half a million of Quatrelles

Quatrelle is one of the icons of the car industry – the fact shared also by the chairman of Revoz Novo mesto, Aleš Bratož. When quatrelle was celebrating it's 50th anniversary, he also said that the quatrelle was one of the biggest successes of the car industry. They made over half a million of quatrelles in 19 years of producing it, including the last one, which was made in 1992.

Still indestructible
The quatrelle is still indestructible: not even the sun or the rain can't demolish it. There are about 6500 welds on it, as one of the technologists of the Revoz, Vojko Grobovšek, says. But, there are 'just' 2700 of them on modern cars! The enthusiasts on quatrelle say that the car having only 5 fuses and 3 wires can't really disappoint you. That's probably the reason the quatrelle didn't change a lot during the years of it's production. In comparison to it's forerunner 4CV, it has a front-wheel drive, so it is easy to handle with, let's say in bad weather conditions, in snow... It is still known as the car that can drive you almost where ever you want.

50th anniversary

The legendary quatrelle celebrated it's 50th anniversary last year (2011). In 5 decades they made more then 8 millions of that model in 27 countries of the world. The Slovenians also celebrated this special moment – me and 5 other Slovenians, there were also 2 enthusiasts from Serbia – travelled to France, in Thenay, to mark that special moment. I drove about 4000 kilometres there with my sky blue quatrelle.

Club RENO 4

5 years ago a speciall club uniting quatrelle enthusiasts was registered in Serbia. It's members come from all parts of ex Yugoslavia. Iam one of them, too.

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