The Journey Celebrating The Quatrelle's 50th Anniversary To Thenay

42 hours, 4000 kilometres, on side-cuts, driving past highways

I went to that meeting with my blue quatrelle, which is totally remade. It possesses 110 HP and has 5 gears, dark glasses, central locking, 15 inch rims... I also made the quatrelle's modifications approved, the vehicle is the only one in Slovenia with approval. It still has it's original colour: blue sky. In Slovenia there are only 3 quatrelles of such colour.
About the journey: At first we met at Revoz in Novo mesto (where the last quatrelle in Slovenia was produced), the next day, on the 15th of August me and another 6 enthusiast set up to France (5 Slovenians and 2 Serbs).
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