The Maintenance


Changing the oil is important, because it accumulates dirt. That eventually damage the car engine. Oil change is also needed to dust particles and residue combustion of the engine which gradually "get dirty". Regular oil changes prevent major engine failure, which could cost you on repair. I recommend changing the oil and the oil filters every 10 000 kilmetres. As a good owner you should regularly change the oil and the oil, fuel or air filters.

Another important thing: a good setting of contact breakers. Before every longer trip, you should check the sparking plugs and the oil in the gear-box.

It is also good that the car is always clean, well-washed. The most important thing is the chassis: you should specially pay more attention to the mudguards.

If the car stays in the garage for a long time or if you only drive it at the weekends then the brake system should be checked more often than usually: the brake cylinders or the jaw brakes are broken easily. A good braking system will greatly improve the safety performance of your car.

There are no other particularities: the car is really simple.