The Renovation Of Yellow Quatrelle

She is special for it's colour. I saw it at some house and I simply wanted to have it. So I asked the owners if the car was up for sale. At that time they said 'no', but after two years they called me and offered me the quatrelle. I was still interested so I bought it. My first drive was to visit my girlfriend, but with no licence plates. As I didn'have enough money, I didn't touch the quatrelle for 6, 7 years. From time to time I started it, so that everything smeared all over.
When the quatrelle celebrated it's 30th anniversary, I started renovating it. It was totaly worn out and quite damaged, as 20 cubic metres of chopped wood poured down on it. The first thing I did was to take the pictures of it's condition, so that I could make some comparisons during the renovation.
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'Tuff' problems with fitting the rubber around the doors:

Last details... and to the first drive: